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Can a good Finance Broker save you time & money?

Yes, they’re Business Finance experts.

You need to update or replace some equipment, looking to purchase a new business premises or need more working capital. You know Business Finance is the answer but the range of Lenders and products available is daunting. Time to talk to a QPF Finance Broker.

A QPF Finance Broker can save you time:

If you wanted to, you could become an expert in Business Finance. But time you spend doing that is time you could be spending on your own business. A QPF Finance Broker has the information at their fingertips and can save you precious time.

A QPF Finance Broker can save you money:

Do a Google search on “Business Finance” and there is no shortage of products on offer. But how do you choose? Some products look attractive but have hidden costs. A QPF Finance Broker can help you compare options and save you from signing a deal you may regret later.

Choose from a range of Business Finance Lenders:

In the past, most businesses went to their existing banks for Business Finance. But the market is much more competitive now and there are potentially a lot of Lenders who’d like to bid for your business. A QPF Finance Broker has a range of Lenders to help you get a more competitive deal.

Does your Finance Broker have access to multiple Lenders?

The advantage of going to a Finance Broker is that they can present you with a wide range of products. If your Finance Broker only gives you one or two Lenders to choose from, you may want to consider someone who has wider options. QPF’s Lender Panel is one of the most comprehensive in the industry.

Does your Finance Broker compare products?

It’s generally difficult to compare financial products. That’s where a good Finance Broker can help. They have applications, tools and calculators that can take the guesswork out of finding the most suitable option for your business. If your Finance Broker isn’t able to, or doesn’t, compare products, they’re not doing their job.

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